Coping with Vision Loss

It was going to be another normal day for Maximiana Jimenez. However, when she woke up, she found that something was suddenly wrong with her vision.

Jimenez went to the doctors only to find out that a vein had separated from her cornea. She was operated on, but doctors advised her that things would never be the same again. That was 15 years ago. 

Jimenez's vision deteriorated day by day, but she continued to struggle to work and support herself. Many everyday tasks became more and more difficult with her diminishing vision. She is now certified “legally blind”.

When Jimenez approached DRAIL, Independent Living Specialist Ruben Villalobos assisted her in applying for SSDI benefits and the appeal.

“I am very happy and satisfied with DRAIL services. If it weren’t for DRAIL, I would have had to get an attorney. I want to thank Ruben and Morre Bento and everyone in the office,” said a satisfied Jimenez.